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Remote Interpreting allows services to be rendered, even when an interpreter can’t be on-site. While face-to-face communication is the preferred method, improvements in video and telephonic conferencing software (such as Troop Messenger, Zoom and GoToMeeting) has made remote services a much more viable option. It has allowed users to tap into a greater pool of qualified service providers location notwithstanding. 

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At Access Interpreting, we understand that unforeseen interpreting needs can arise. So whether you’re a walk-in clinic serving LEP (limited English proficiency) patients or an attorney confronting an unexpected language barrier, we can help!

Our On-Demand Remote Interpreting Services allows pre-approved clients to request a remote interpreter within minutes. Our On-Demand services are currently available to our Access VIP Clients in Spanish, Haitian Creole, ASL, Russian, and Portuguese with new languages being added each month.

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Without a doubt, the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic is going to have long-lasting effects on numerous areas of life. In an attempt to adapt, many have found themselves adopting new work methods and trying to maintain productivity while practicing responsible social distancing. The purpose of this article is to explore some of the options for conducting appointments requiring remote interpreting services.