We Render Interpreting & Translating Language Services

In a Professional Manner in Legal, Medical and Business Settings

Our mission is to bridge the often frustrating and many times destructive communication gap that divides multi-lingual communities. Language barriers often separate us not only from information, but from each other. Our mission is to make connections that facilitate communication among members of our community through our professional Interpreting and Translation Language Services, available both on-site and remotely.

Consecutive Interpreting

On-site, Telephonic and Video Consecutive Interpreting is best for circumstances where multiple parties need to communicate with one another in different languages.


  • Depositions/EUOs

  • Doctor’s Visits

  • Business Meetings

Simultaneous Interpreting

On-site, Telephonic and Video Simultaneous Interpreting is best for circumstances in which one or a number of LEP (Limited English Proficiency) individuals will primarily just need to hear information, while not necessarily participating. May or may not require specialized audio equipment.


  • Conferences

  • Non-participatory Courtroom Proceedings

  • Speeches

Sight Translation

Document Sight Translation is needed when there is no time to provide a Document Translation and written information needs to be read by an interpreter and translated to an LEP (Limited English Proficiency) individual on the scene.


  • Reviewing Prescription Instructions

  • Reviewing a Legal Document

Document Translation

Written Document Translation is the best way to ensure everything in a document is clearly and accurately rendered. Our translators can provide: Certified Translations and/or Notarized Translations depending on your needs.


  • Birth Certificate

  • Notices

  • Immigration Documents

Remote Language Services

Remote Interpreting allows services to be rendered, even when an interpreter can’t be on-site. Video and telephonic conferencing software (such as Troop Messenger, Zoom and GoToMeeting) has made remote services a much more viable option.


  • Telephonic Interpreting

  • Video Conferencing (Zoom, Access Video Platform and Google Teams)

On-Demand Interpreting

Our On-Demand Interpreting Service allows pre-approved clients to request a remote interpreter within minutes. Our On-Demand services are currently available to our Access VIP Clients in Spanish, Haitian Creole, ASL, Russian, and Portuguese with new languages being added each month.

Ideal for:

  • Walk-in Clinics Serving LEP Patients

  • Attorney’s Office Confronting an Unexpected Language Barrier

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding our Professional Interpreting and Translation Language Services.

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