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COVID-19, Remote Interpreting Services and You

Without a doubt, the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic is going to have long-lasting effects on numerous areas of life. In an attempt to adapt, many have found themselves adopting new work methods and trying to maintain productivity while practicing responsible social distancing. The purpose of this article is to explore some of the options for conducting appointments requiring remote interpreting services.

Interpreter Appreciation – The Rules of Interpreting (Part 2)

Interpreting requires flexibility. However, the goals remain the same: To remove the disadvantage caused by lack of language comprehension and to remain as unobtrusive as possible. The interpreting industry has norms in place to help everyone reach these goals. Take note of some of these principles and how you can work well with your interpreter.

Interpreter Appreciation – Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting (Part 1 – FT. Marie Kondo)

Interpreting occupies an interesting space in society. Even though interpreting as a profession pre-dates writing, most people never interact with an interpreter. That is until a 5-foot-nothing Japanese sprite named Marie Kondo began sparking joy and her interpreter Marie Iida began sparking an interest in quality language services. So in honor of National Interpreter Appreciation Day, let’s learn about interpreting shall we?

The Measure of a Man – Classifiers & Haitian Creole

As the competing forces of clarity and brevity, introduction and reduction, transparency and redundancy continue to act on spoken language the changes that result are unpredictable and yet somewhat familiar. And by learning more about other languages and other cultures, sometimes we get a better view of ourselves.

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